Contrabassoon Oscar Adler & Co.

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Mod. 1366
till low-B, complete wooden body,
silver plated metall bell, 4 rollers (at Eb and C#, at F and Ab)
1 crook "Oscar Adler & Co." soldered by hand,
hand rest for the right hand, Gigbag
13.990,00 11.756,30
Mod. 1366 special edition
Kompletter Holzkorpus,
Bohrung vom professionellen Modell 1369
hochglanzversilberte Mechanik
S-Bogen, Gigbag und Zubehör. Jubiläumsausgabe bis tief B ohne Aufpreis!
13.590,00 11.420,17
Mod. 1369 H
till low-Bb, complete wooden body, metal bell
2nd F#-Key for the little finger at the right hand
11 rollers: C and Eb at the wing
EB and C# for the left little finger,
F, F# and Ab for the right little finger,
C and D for the left thumb,
Bb and F# for the right thumb,
adjustable hand rest for the left hand,
3D hand rest for the right hand
20.500,00 17.226,89
Mod. 1370 H
like model 1369 H, but till low-A
on request

wooden C-head for model
on request
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double Eb-key for right thumb
610,00 512,61

All instruments are made of choice, well-seasoned maple with silver plated mechanism, incl. case, cover and accessories.

2 years guarantee for model 1366/120 - 3 years guarantee for the models 1369 / 1370.