Specialized trade for woodwind instruments

We are the experts for your woodwind instruments!

Here you find all, new and second-hand instruments as well as extensive accessories.

We present brand-name articles from international firms, oboes - bassoons - clarinets - saxophones - flutes - and well-looked-after second-hand instruments. 

Master workshop for woodwind instruments

Repairs, alterations, major overhauls 


Oboen bekommen einen Stammbaum

Bericht der Berliner Morgenpost

Oboenholz am Mühlstein der Behörden

Cites gegen Holzblasinstrumente

Invitation to exhibition of finest handkrafted woodwind instruments in Scandinavia 2016

Oboes, oboes d'amore, english horns, bass oboes, bassons, double bassons made by "Ludwig Frank", "Reeds'n Stuff", "Oscar Adler & Co", "Gebr. Mönnig"


Wissenswertes aus dem BOLiversum: Die Bassoboe

Albi's Oboe

Maple English Horn Gebr. Mönnig 180 D "Del Sol"
played by Rixon Thomas